“A true professional and artist-Switzer is among the few that understand the needs of the today’s visual media.  She consistently delivers photos worthy of the front page.  Her work garnered our organization thousands of dollars in ticket revenue.  We are ever grateful.”
David-Anthony Burger
Former Director of Marketing - Opera Colorado
Currently President Syzygy Marketing (sizza-g)

“We’ve gotten a great response to this shot.”
Modern Photography

“We think the cover is FABULOUS.”
“Theatre: A Way of Seeing:
Image Quest for Wadsworth Publishing

“Your skill in bringing your subjects to life and capturing their personalities is always impressive. Thank you for beautiful work.”
Ina Russell
Author: “Jeb and Dash”

“•with thanks for all the lovely photos … best, Peter.”
Sir Peter Hall, Director Tantalus

“Thanks for the photos. They’re beautiful”.
Renata Wood
Author/poet: “Raised Underground”
Carneige Mellon Press

“Your photos are beautiful…great photos! Thanks.”
Cleo Parker Robinson
New Dance Theatre

“… fabulous shots”
Patrick Dorn
Boulder Daily Camera

“It was a pleasure working with you…commend you on your ability to group people for shots without making it seem like such a chore.”
Jewish Family Center Fundraiser

“Thank you for your help. The photos look great.”
Colorado Business for the Arts

“Thanks for your tremendous photographs AND all the hard work you did on behalf of our production.”
Oren Jacoby, Director “Shakespeare Sessions” (aired PBS)
Storyville Films



J. Gluckstern: Boulder Daily Camera

“If there are any real surprises here they show up … in the rehearsal photos where the dramatic tension often pulses just below the surface … you’ll feel like you’re right up on stage with her.”

Jeff Bradley: Denver Post

“When does a good photograph qualify as a work of art? …My mind raced back to Switzer’s images of Vietnam, especially “Helmet Water” a gleaming 16x20 Cibachrome of a Hoi An woman in a gold jacket fetching water in an old battle helmet. It’s at once pastorally beautiful and sadly suggestive of a war and a time our nation has yet to come to terms with. The same is true of her Monet gardenesque shots of the rundown Emperor’s palace in Hues, converging boats on the Puong River and a “Friday Morning” fruit vendor under a Hanoi umbrella. These are photos that reach beyond technique to touch deep and conflicted feelings about war and peace and survival and humanity…”

John Moore: The Sunday Denver Post: “All The Stage: A Big Part of Photography”

“Some of the most professional photos you see in the newspaper run next to theatre reviews. …There are more than 70 theatre companies in Colorado…a challenge to make it into a daily… There are three or four regular working theater photographers in the area. One of the best is Denver’s Patricia Switzer…”

Jennifer Heath: Rocky Mountain News

“Patricia Switzer’s photos…all delightful and fresh … mirrored some marvelous scenes.”

John Moore: The Sunday Denver Post: “Stage Visions”

“Hundreds of photos run in this newspaper each year that are not taken by Denver Post photographers. These are pictures that run with theatre reviews…occasionally, these photos are works of art in their own right. … a few photographers are considered superstars within the local theater community, names like P. Switzer…”